Dry Stone Wall – height increase, Tetbury 2021

In November 2020 I began a project to extent the height of a dry stone wall in the back garden of a lovely property in Cutwell, Tetbury from 32cm tall to 185cm tall. The length of this wall was approximately 26 metres. I completed this build in Early January 2021.

I have posted some pictures of this wall; during and after the construction.

Height of original wall (green weathering) is being built upon to extend its height
This is a photograph of the early stages of the rebuild where the short wall, indicated by the green weathered stone, is being built above.
Dry stone wall height increase. Original wall height shown my green weathered stones near the base
The height of this wall is now at the required 185cm. Having started at approximately 32cm. Indicated by the green stones at the base of the wall.
Showing a completed rebuild is a dry stone wall in garden in Tetbury
This shows some of the length, a total of 26 linear metres, of the wall that Duncan Burnell constructed in a back garden in Tetbury. The wall height was increased from just about 1 foot to over 6 feet in order to give greater privacy to the residents. Duncan Burnell is a professional dry stone waller who trades under the name http://www.PrinceofWalls.com