My name is Duncan Burnell and I make my living as a dry stone waller Primarily in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire although My love of stone is such that I often travel to other areas to work with stone types which are vastly different around the uk.

This is my second career that I have been pursuing professionally for nearly 5 years. Prior to this I can a good IT career, latterly as a Infrastructure Solutions Architect delivering resales architectural designs and full ITO costings within a few of the ingest and best IT Outsourcing companies in the world.

It was a vast decision to leave this industry to pursue my hobby as a job but the day to day satisfaction and mind-freeing lack of scrutiny is blissful!

Nevertheless, this freedom does not make me any less conscientious, passionate to succeed structure and methodical, this is inbuilt. I strive to be a great waller, always ready to learn, just as I strove to be the best Solutions Architect I could be.